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IT’S ALL ABOUT STORIES – including business stories

NO MULTITASKING – each client deserves its own time

EMBRACE PLANNING –and prepare to when you can’t

WRITING IS AN ARTFORM – give it time to flourish

MAKE IT SIMPLE – add value, not just more work

WORK-LIFE BALANCE IS POSSIBLE – if you love what you do

PEOPLE ARE SMART – only offer content that matters

PARTNERSHIP IS THE KEY- let’s achieve our goals together

Lucy Damasceno - Freelance Writer


I have always loved to write.

According to my family, I started my career with a “newsletter” featuring a series of incidents regarding cats in our neighbourhood when I was 4 years old – and I like to think it proves I predicted the cat trend!

Naturally, I grew up to become a journalist.And as the daughter of an entrepreneur and an accountant, Business, Technology and Finance became my strongest areas of interest.

For over 15 years, I worked as a PR and marketing strategist for individuals, private companies, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Now, I dedicate myself to helping my clients communicate more effectively with their target audience through high-quality content.

Your Questions Answered

How can I hire you?

Please use the contact form below or write to Let me know the services you require and I will get back to you with some questions (if necessary). Then I will be able to send you a proposal with a quote for my work.

What happens after I hire you?
As soon as we agree on the scope of the work, we can have a little chat over Skype or I can get straight to work, depending on the complexity of the task.
What is your content creation process?

I start by doing some research so I can learn about your industry, competitors and target audience.

Then I write, improve or analyse your content, and send you a preliminary report or first draft for your feedback.

I then implement your suggested changes and prepare a final draft, having edited and proofread it.

Finally, I will send it to you on your chosen format or post it  directly onto your content management system (CMS).

What topics do you write about?

I can write on a broad range of topics, but my areas of expertise are in business, finances, tech, and lifestyle.

I also accept assignments on travel, health and living/studying abroad, and topics in relation to Brazil and Ireland.

What is your academic background?

I have a Bsc. in Communications (specialised in Journalism) and an MBA in Marketing.

For some reason that I still can’t understand, I have also attended 2 years of a Bsc. in Nursing – but which helps me if I need to write anything related to Health or Nutrition.

I keep myself updated by attending courses, seminars and conferences – recently, I got 2 certifications from Hubspot: Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.

How do you get paid?
You can choose to pay me through PayPal or bank/wire transfer. I am based in Ireland, so I charge in euro. The terms and conditions will be agreed between us depending on the complexity of the job – but I can tell you in advance that a recurrent and long-term contract gets the best rates.
How long will take until my content is ready?

It will depend on the length, complexity, and volume of the work. As a guide, a short article can be delivered within 72 hours. But I give adequate time to my current clients, so we should discuss my availability in advance.

What if I don't like of your work?

I usually only write one short piece of content when starting a new job. And you will see a draft beforehand. This way we can both evaluate if my writing style suits your expectations before any big commitments.

A few samples of my work

(feel free to ask me for more)

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